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Friday, January 12, 2007

花蓮 :: hualien

i received many queries on hualien. i had added more info on home stay (民宿) and tour guide (導游).

what you can expect from home stay? usually the owner will ferry you to/from train station. but be noted that the cost do not include tour guide and food (except breakfast for some).
below are some of the 民宿 and tour guides i got from the forums:

Y 石头的家


Y 好望角海夜景民宿

Y 花蓮南濱觀海民宿

Y more 花蓮民宿.....

charges for tour guide usually based on per head count. a day tour for 2 pax is approx. NT$1800-2000 and 4 pax is approx. NT$2500. the price v
ary depends on individual tour guide

Ms Vivian Zheng (freelance tour guide)
Mobile: (886) 0937 832178
Tel: (886)-03-8346580

Mr Lu Lai-fu (cabby cum tour guide)
Mobile: (886) 0928-569081

Mr Zhuang (cabby cum tour guide)
Mobile: (886) 0932-142590

Mr Liu Wen-hua (cabby cum tour guide)
Mobile: (886) 0919-281878

Mr Chen Guang-fa (cabby cum tour guide)
Mobile: (886) 0937-167779
Tel: (886)-03-8611353
Tel: (886)-03-8566895

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