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Saturday, November 18, 2006

third day @ taiwan

had our breakfast @ 永和豆漿. a traditional taiwaness breakfast restaurant. tried the 蛋餅, 燒餅油條, 豆漿, 鍋貼, 咖啡 and 奶茶. food on par with 美而美; equally oily @.@

next is the most anticipated Hot Spring at Asia Pacific Resort (亞太溫泉館). we booked the open air private room (露天個人湯屋), 1hr/2 pax for NT$1,250. free shuttle bus to and from Beitou and New Beitou MRT station, we took the earliest bus at 10 am. most of the hot spring resorts provide free shuttle service. if you don't know which resort to go, just hop into 1 of the bus outside and try your luck :)

the resort was very quiet, i believed we're the first and only batch of customers! maybe because today is a hot day??

the water was sooooooo hot, i kept pouring tap water into the pool to cool it but of course no use lah hahaha! after soaked for 15 mins, i quit as i really can't take the heat anymore. all 4 of us felt very tired after the hot spring so i guess it's normal?

we proceed to Danshui (淡水) via MRT from 北投站 to 淡水站, less than 15 mins distance. tried their famous 阿给 (Y), 鱼圆 (Y), 鱼酥 (YYY), 铁蛋 (Y), 麻薯(YYY). we didn't go to Fisherman’s Wharf (漁人碼頭) cause the day still early, can't wait till the light up at 6 pm.

next stop is WuFenPu (五分舖). we took MRT from 淡水站 to 後山埤站. all shops selling winter cloths now, so for those who really like shopping will be disappointed. i only managed to get a pant at NT$380 after few hours of shopping ~~arghhhh~~ i read from internet there is this famous 胡須張魯肉飯 inside the 五分舖 but can't seems to find it, too bad i miss it :(

we walked across the road and the bridge to Rou He Night Market (繞河夜市), about 15 mins distance. tried their famous 胡椒饼 (Y) after 20 mins' queue. OMG it was so disappointed, it look so delicous but taste only pepper!!!

we wanted to try the 藥燉排骨, 豬腳麵線, 米粉湯 etc but it started to rain heavily. so we just pop into 1 of the restaurant and ate the 魯肉飯. as usual, taiwan's 魯肉飯 has never failed me ^.^

we went back to hotel by train from 松山火車站 to Taipei. The 松山火車站 is just few mins walking distance from Rou He Night Market.

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