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Thursday, November 16, 2006

first day @ taiwan

arrived Taoyuan Airport at 6:40 pm, proceed to City Inn Hotel via Free Go Bus ( 飛狗巴士 ) cost NT$135. the driver dropped us outside Taipei Train Station which is opposite 新光三越, crossed the road and walked less than 1 min to City Inn Hotel.

highly recommend City Inn Hotel ( 新驛旅店) to those going taipei. they're extending 50% discount promotion until end of this year. the location is very good, 5 mins walking distance to Taipei MRT and Taipei Train Station. surrounded with so many breakfast shops (永和豆浆, 美而美 etc) and shopping area such as Taipei Underground Shopping Mall, K Mall, 新光三越, 後車站 etc. as the hotel was newly opened in Oct, everything are new :big LCD tv, 100+ channels, hair dryer, shampoo, shower cream, toothbrush, shower cab, shaver, slipper, kettle, mineral water, coffee, tea, biscuits etc. i paid total NT$7020/S$336 for 5 nights twin sharing without breakfast.

on our way to Shilin Night market, we bought the MRT top-up card (similar to our ez-link card) as it's cheaper to travel around using the card. each trip will entitle you 20% discount. it costs NT$500 include NT$400 value plus NT$100 refundable deposit. unused value can be refunded at any counter.

at Shilin Night Market (士林夜市) we makan 红油抄手 (YYYYY), 豪大大雞排 (YYYY), 珍珠奶茶 (YYYY), 粉圓冰 (YYY), 大香腸 (YY), 棺材板 (Y), 大餅包小餅 (Y). specially highly to recommend 红油抄手, the 1st store on your right (facing the shilin market). a must try and don't miss it, i ate 2 bowls of it :p

it wasn't so crowded on the weekday. i was lucky as there were no queue for 豪大大雞排 which is usually long queue.

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